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Auction News

Hi all,

A few people have been asking around the traps, so here's the news: our official tally of bids is $4215. Now this may change slightly, or indeed be inaccurate (some of us were up very LATE last night tidying up loose ends) but that's what we think it is. All in all, over 90 separate items sold, which is BEYOND AWESOME.

Assuming all bids are paid, that puts the Cancer is a Cunt fundraiser for paulhaines over the 20,000 goal we wanted to pay for his Avastin treatments. As said elsewhere, this means we can contribute a bit extra to Paul and his family to help them with their other expenses during this difficult time.

If you are paying for a winning item, please send your donation to the Paul Haines Paypal fund via a donate button and email with a copy of your receipt, your postal address and reference to which item you are paying for. The Paypal does not allow you to make any extra comments, which means that unless you email us, we might not know if your donation is connected to the auction.

Donators, hold tight - we'll try to let you know who has paid for their items by the end of the weekend so you can have a frenzy of posting things out next week. We'll contact you with addresses, etc. We have many, many people to contact, so please be patient with us.

This has been a brilliant project to be part of, and I think you'll all have to agree it was a very fun way to raise some money! We even got a few last minute bidding wars happening in the last ten minutes which was very exciting.

I hope you all enjoy your gorgeous new acquisitions!

impractical footwear

ITEM - Marzipan Noses for Eight

TITLE: Marzipan Noses for Eight (two sets)
MEDIA: edible sculpture
DESCRIPTION: Eight Noses of marzipan nestled on tangled web of Nose Hair of sugar.
Warning: Although I will take great care in the preparation of this product, due to the nature of the processing trace amounts of snot of Turkish Delight might be present, as might marzipan Pigschnozes and Tapir Trunks.
Extra warning: the artist wishes to inform that the package may include possible giraffe tongue and the odd lip.
DONATED BY: Anna Tambour
WILL POST TO: Australia & Worldwide (one each)

NOTE: This is a multiple auction, but slightly different rules to previous multiple auctions. The highest Australian bid will win Box 1 and the highest International (anywhere else on Planet Earth) bid will win Box 2. Please state when bidding, which category you are bidding on.

This auction will close at 9pm AEST, August 28 2008
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ITEM - "Class Drama - The Chondrichthyes" t-shirt, photograph by Anna Tambour

TITLE: "Class Drama - The Chondrichthyes" t-shirt
MEDIA: photography by Anna Tambour, printed t-shirt
DESCRIPTION: the depicted image, printed to order on a t-shirt to the specifications of the bidder (any size, choice of black/white). Winning bidder may choose to have said image depicted on a cloth carry bag or glossy miniature poster print instead of a t-shirt.
DONATED BY: Anna Tambour
WILL POST TO: worldwide

This auction will close at 9pm AEST, August 28 2008
impractical footwear

ITEM - "Fitness Freaks" limited edition chapbook x 5

TITLE: Fitness Freaks
MEDIA: Chapbook
DESCRIPTION: A chapbook version of the horror short story "Fitness Freaks", which received an Honourable Mention in the recent Chiaroscuro Short Story Competition. The story has not yet appeared either in print or online, so this is its first publication. Please note that the chapbook is still being prepared at time of posting, so no image is currently available. Sorry about that. Five copies will be made, one for each of the top five bidders.
DONATED BY: Matthew Farrer

WILL POST TO (worldwide):

This auction will close at 9pm AEST, August 28 2008
As a MULTIPLE auction, the FIVE (i) highest bids in comments will win the auction. If you wish to bid on more than one copy of the same item please do so in a single comment to avoid confusion. Otherwise, if the same person has for example the first and third highest bids, we will assume the lower one is to be ignored.
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[crossposted from artscaresyou]

The artscaresyou auction closes at 9pm AEST this Thursday. Crunch time, folks! Get your bids in to grab the goodies that you want, and of course to support the fund for paulhaines' medical treatment. Paul wrote an amazing, powerful piece this week about his current state of mind. I know everyone's thoughts are with him and his family, and it's fantastic to see the support that has built up around this fundraiser.


Items currently without bids - bargains to be had:

'Ganesh' pastel drawing by Talie Helene
"Dirge," hand-quilted wall-hanging featuring gloomy poetry by Thomas Lovell Beddoes
'Living Shroud' felt wall hanging by Rachel Holkner
"Toe Cheese" by Anna Tambour
Original 1992 Blood Duster 'Menstrual Soup' Demo Tape [Warning: May Offend]
Afterbirth Smorgasboard #1 - Demo Tape [Warning: May Offend]
Three Guitar Lessons with Scott Young
"Rosa and the Veil of Gold" by Kim Wilkins, signed
Handmade Bead Earrings by Ruth Krasnostein
Handmade Purple Pendant Necklace by Ruth Krasnostein
Handmade Black and Blue Necklace by Ruth Krasnostein
"Mature Choko" t-shirt with photography by Anna Tambour
The Art of Hellboy
Five rare unsigned copies of Transmitters, by Damien Broderick, a novel about sf fandom published in 1985
"Son of Shadow" poem by Michael Greenhut
Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman
Commissioned piece of typewriter art by Andrew Macrae
"Chairman Sanders," framed typewriter art by Andrew Macrae

If you think you know someone who might love one of these rare, specialised or just plain weird and wonderful items, let them know.

arthouse, acoustic

ITEM - 'Ganesh' pastel drawing by Talie Helene

TITLE: 'Ganesh'
MEDIA: Dry pastels and charcoal.


Subject is LORD GANESHA the dancing Elephant God from Hindu Mythology, with his headress of orchids and a human skull. The remover of obstacles, god of writing and travel -  seemed appropriate for ArtScaresYou.

This modest little drawing is monochrome dry pastels (black, white, shades of grey), with some charcoal pencil detail. The paper has a 'marble' texture to it. The original is 14.5cm X 21cm. The drawing is mounted (not shown).

Originally created to accompany a poem in a small poetry anthology produced as coursework.
This piece received some nice feedback over at Elfwood, with just a hint of grim perspective. (Note: Copyright statement on image is only on the digital version lifted from Elfwood Gallery - it doesn't deface the original).

If anyone would like to bid for a pastel drawing of Kali - given the Paul Haines focus of our scary art auction - such a commission for this auction would be willingly undertaken. Make an offer, if interested.

DONATED BY: Talie Helene
WILL POST TO: worldwide

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ITEM - "Dirge," hand-quilted wall-hanging featuring gloomy poetry by Thomas Lovell Beddoes

TITLE: "Dirge," by Isabel Dallas & Thomas Lovell Beddoes
MEDIA: Quilting, beading, poetry
DESCRIPTION: Wallhanging featuring gloomy poem about love by Thomas Lovell Beddoes. Hand calligraphed on teabag-dyed cotton, randomly hand quilted & embellished. Ready for hanging from its attractive stick. Maybe a nice Valentine's gift.
DONATED BY: Isabel Dallas
WILL POST TO: worldwide

This auction will close at 9pm AEST, August 28 2008
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ITEM - "Why Not You And I?" Karl Edward Wagner hardcover

TITLE: "Why Not You And I?" by Karl Edward Wagner
MEDIA: hardcover book
DESCRIPTION: second-hand copy of a collection of short stories by Karl Edward Wagner, published by Dark Harvest, 1987.
DONATED BY: Thomas Bull
WILL POST TO (Australia/Worldwide/Other): worldwide

This auction will close at 9pm AEST, August 28 2008
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ITEM - "Black Cocktail," novella by Jonathon Carroll

TITLE: ITEM - "Black Cocktail," novella by Jonathon Carroll

MEDIA: hardcover book

DESCRIPTION: slim hardcover volume, with sale price sticker, published by Century, 1990. 2 copies available.

DONATED BY: Thomas Bull


WILL POST TO (Australia/Worldwide/Other): Australia.

This auction will close at 9pm AEST, August 28 2008

ITEM- 'Living Shroud' felt wall hanging by Rachel Holkner

TITLE: "The dark forest moon rising in the last misty evening before the living shroud walks. With cobwebs." Felt Wall Hanging.
MEDIA: Merino and Leicester wool, silk threads and fabric, soy fibres. Cotton backing.
DESCRIPTION: A wall hanging handmade using a wet felt method. Wet felting involves the agitation of raw fibres using soap and water until they bind together into a single piece of fabric. Other than the cotton backing, no sewing or glues were used in the formation of this panel. Due to its somewhat random and unpredictable nature, wet felting results in entirely unique pieces.
This panel shows a dead tree with a full moon rising behind. The white foreground 'cobweb' hangs free, giving extra dimension to the work. Silk threads (some of it reclaimed sari fibres) give a sheen and a hint of colour. See here for more detailed images. Please ask in the comments if you have any questions about the hanging's construction.
The panel measures 40cm (15.5 inches) wide and 38cm (15 inches) high. A pocket in the back allows insertion of a rod (dowel or stick) for hanging, as seen in the photo. For ease of delivery a hanging rod is not included, however coordinating yarn will be, if you wish to copy the hanging method shown. Alternatively the panel could be framed by someone familiar with textile arts.
DONATED BY: Rachel Holkner
WILL POST TO: Worldwide

"Living Shroud" felt panel

(Additional images)

This auction will close at 9pm AEST, August 28 2008