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Art That Scares You - Index of Auction Items

I'll update this post as more items are added, so feel free to link to this.If anyone wants to blog this table of contents, email me at artscaresyou@gmail.com for the html. Thanks to Tehani for gathering lots of links for me!


Visual Art

“The Survivors,” (1994) painting by Shaun Tan
"Urban Wraiths," fabric collage by Tansy Rayner Roberts
“Heaven and Earth”, signed A3 print of computer graphic design by Cat Sparks
"Chairman Sanders," framed typewriter art by Andrew Macrae
Commissioned piece of typewriter art by Andrew Macrae
"Pocket Villain," framed pen and ink drawing
"Wingship," framed illustration by Adam Duncan [AUCTION CLOSED]
"Exterminate" and "Time Vortex," digital art prints by Kathryn Linge
"Toe Cheese" by Anna Tambour
'Living Shroud' felt wall hanging by Rachel Holkner
"Dirge," hand-quilted wall-hanging featuring gloomy poetry by Thomas Lovell Beddoes
'Ganesh' pastel drawing by Talie Helene

Wearable Art & Jewellery

"Queen of the Big Blue" earrings, in blue and silver
“Bats and moon at dusk,” hand painted silk scarf from Celestial Cobbler
"The Judgement of Pears" t-shirt with photography by Anna Tambour
"Compearative Beauties" t-shirt with photography by Anna Tambour
"Mature Choko" t-shirt with photography by Anna Tambour
Handmade Blue Shawl Pin by Ruth Krasnostein
Handmade Pearl and Agate Necklace by Ruth Krasnostein
Handmade Black and Blue Necklace by Ruth Krasnostein
Handmade Purple Pendant Necklace by Ruth Krasnostein
Handmade Grey Agate Pendant Necklace by Ruth Krasnostein
Handmade Bead Earrings by Ruth Krasnostein
Handmade Purple Shawl Pin by Ruth Krasnostein
Handmade Grey Pearl Earrings by Ruth Krasnostein
Handmade blood red stone necklace by Ruth Krasnostein
"The Meaning of Fear" - Steampunk Necklace by Clockwork Zero
"Class Drama - The Chondrichthyes" t-shirt with photography by Anna Tambour

Miscellaneous Art, Craft & Special Items

Speculative Fiction Manuscript Assessment of YOUR manuscript by Keith Stevenson
"The Massacre at Paris" by Christopher Marlowe, Premium Theatre Package (AUCTION CLOSED)
Handmade Cloth Pads: Black, Brown, Red
Handmade Cloth Pads: Purple, Green, Leopard Print
Super Sock Rabbit Soft Toy
Sir Mister Mister Sock Puppet
Gumble - Striped Sock Monster soft toy
Scoring & Sound Design for Audio Art or Short Film, by Talie Helene [AUCTION CLOSED]
Three Guitar Lessons with Scott Young
Mary Shelley Doll, from Pendlerook Designs
Afterbirth Smorgasboard #1 - Demo Tape [Warning: May Offend]
"Daleks are a Girl's Best Friend" Embroidered Bookmark by Tansy
"Vampire Double Feature" Embroidered Bookmark by Tansy
Original 1992 Blood Duster 'Menstrual Soup' Demo Tape [Warning: May Offend]
Fulvio Sock Puppet
"Roman Ghosts," Embroidered Bookmark by Tansy
Tansy's Handmade Bookmarks by Commission (x 3)
Marzipan Noses for Eight

Books & Literature

Five signed copies of Doorways For the Dispossessed by Paul Haines
PILO FAMILY CIRCUS by Will Elliott, rare PS Publishing hardcover edition, signed
Andromeda Spaceways Best of Horror Anthology, on CD-Rom
Carnies by Martin Livings, signed
Prismatic by Edwina Grey, signed
Skin Tight, horror chapbook by Bryce Stevens, signed
THE LADY OF SITUATIONS by Stephen Dedman, signed
The Atrocity Shop by Kurt von Trojan
Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman – Autographed
Plastic Jesus by Poppy Z. Brite
The Music of Razors by Cameron Rogers
Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman
"Son of Shadow" poem by Michael Greenhut
Lothian Horror Three Book Pack, second hand
"This is a Story," poem by Jane Yolen, limited edition signed broadsheet
Five Signed Copies of "The Tempting of the Witch King," by Russell Blackford
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #11 (rare, includes "Hamlyn" by Paul Haines")
Reserved for Travelling Shows, by Trent Jamieson, signed
Five rare unsigned copies of Transmitters, by Damien Broderick, a novel about sf fandom published in 1985
Bloodsongs issue 1 (Ramsey Campbell, Sean Williams, Shaun Tan)
Bloodsongs issue 2 (Richard Harland, Rob Hood, Shaun Tan)
Bloodsongs issue 3 (Poppy Z Brite, Edward Lee, Lydia Lunch)
Bloodsongs issue 4 (Joe Lansdale, Dan Simmons)
Bloodsongs issue 5 (Ellen Datlow, Karl Edward Wagner)
The Art of Hellboy
The Neil Gaiman Reader
Through Soft Air, signed copy by Lee Battersby
Five signed copies of Urban Fantasies, signed by Russell Blackford
Shadowbridge and Lord Tophet, signed fantasy duology by Gregory Frost
"Rosa and the Veil of Gold" by Kim Wilkins, signed
"Fivefold," by Nathan Burrage (signed)
"Black Cocktail," novella by Jonathon Carroll
"Why Not You And I?" Karl Edward Wagner hardcover
"Fitness Freaks" chapbook by Matthew Farrer
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