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ITEM- 'Living Shroud' felt wall hanging by Rachel Holkner - Art That Scares You [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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ITEM- 'Living Shroud' felt wall hanging by Rachel Holkner [Aug. 21st, 2008|02:28 pm]
Art That Scares You



TITLE: "The dark forest moon rising in the last misty evening before the living shroud walks. With cobwebs." Felt Wall Hanging.
MEDIA: Merino and Leicester wool, silk threads and fabric, soy fibres. Cotton backing.
DESCRIPTION: A wall hanging handmade using a wet felt method. Wet felting involves the agitation of raw fibres using soap and water until they bind together into a single piece of fabric. Other than the cotton backing, no sewing or glues were used in the formation of this panel. Due to its somewhat random and unpredictable nature, wet felting results in entirely unique pieces.
This panel shows a dead tree with a full moon rising behind. The white foreground 'cobweb' hangs free, giving extra dimension to the work. Silk threads (some of it reclaimed sari fibres) give a sheen and a hint of colour. See here for more detailed images. Please ask in the comments if you have any questions about the hanging's construction.
The panel measures 40cm (15.5 inches) wide and 38cm (15 inches) high. A pocket in the back allows insertion of a rod (dowel or stick) for hanging, as seen in the photo. For ease of delivery a hanging rod is not included, however coordinating yarn will be, if you wish to copy the hanging method shown. Alternatively the panel could be framed by someone familiar with textile arts.
DONATED BY: Rachel Holkner
WILL POST TO: Worldwide

"Living Shroud" felt panel

(Additional images)

This auction will close at 9pm AEST, August 28 2008