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ADMIN: Information for Sellers [Aug. 9th, 2008|08:38 pm]
Art That Scares You



1. Auction items may be posted on the artscaresyou community at any time during the period from the 14-28 August, 2008 (AEST).

2. Sellers can become members of the community to post their own auction items, or can give the relevant information to the auction mods at artscaresyou@gmail.com

3. Unless otherwise stated or a Buy It Now price is reached, all auctions will close at 9pm AEST, 28 August 2008

4. By donating an item to the auction, the seller is also guaranteeing to post said item to the winning bidder (they may choose to post within their own specified country, or worldwide)

5. Each item will have a separate post, and contain the following information:

Subject Heading:
ITEM - title and/or short descriptive of item

BUY IT NOW PRICE (optional):
WILL POST TO (Australia/worldwide/other):

Images are optional but preferred

Please make sure that anonymous comments are enabled on your post, so that people without LJs can bid on your item.

6. All monies for the auction will be paid as donations towards the Paul Haines fundraising effort. Sellers may request proof of said donation before posting their item. If the fundraising goal for the Avastin costs is reached before the end of the auction, all additional monies will be paid into the same fund and passed on to Paul and his family to help with their general medical and other expenses at this difficult time.