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Ever read a short story by Paul Haines? Chances are that afterwards you needed a strong drink, strong cup of coffee, or a long shower. Paul is well known in the Australian speculative fiction community for writing the creepy stuff, the scary shit, the story that makes you go 'whoa' or 'aargh' or 'ewwwwww.' And we love him for it, because he does it so damn well.

Right now, Paul and his family are dealing with some scary shit of their own. After being diagnosed with bowel cancer, having sections of his bowel removed and enduring six months worth of chemotherapy, he has recently discovered he has spots on his liver. Paul has met this news by reloading his guns and is going to fight it with two other forms of chemotherapy for cancers like his, combined with a monoclonal antibody called Avastin. Avastin, however is not part of Medicare or the private health system's funding at this stage. It costs $20,000 to do it.

The ART THAT SCARES YOU auction is now live at artscaresyou until 9pm AEST, 28 August 2008. We are accepting donations and pledges of art, books and auctionable goodies right up until the last day. Some auctions are ending early, so come check us out now! All transactions are in Australian dollars.

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The Paul Haines fundraising tally recently hit the $16,000 mark which is fantastic, but we're not there yet. If we should overshoot the $20,000 target before the end of the ART THAT SCARES YOU auction, any extraneous donated funds will also be passed directly on to Paul and his family to help with the other costs they need to cover right now.

Email artscaresyou@gmail.com with any queries about the auction.

In the meantime, if you'd like to make a general donation via paypal click here: